Let_the_Bells_Start_Ringing-165x107The Will Rogers Round-Up is a longstanding tradition, showcasing the talent of later went on to stardom and even super stardom. Here is an excerpt from the printed program for the 1958 Round-Up:

The Round-Up is an annual talent production presented by the students of Will Rogers High School under the sponsorship of a student board. It is entirely an extra-curricular project, the purpose of which is to allow life and to increase their interest in and loyalty for the school. It is an educational project in the students develop their creative talents and at the same time grow in their ability to get along with others and to submerge their own desires for the benefit of the whole.

Every effort is made to keep this activity a democratic one. Any interested student is entitled to apply for the Round-Up Board, members of which are finally chosen on the basis of their ability to contribute to the planning and production of the show. Early in the fall a theme is chosen out for numbers they think will be suitable. The students on the Board are the sole judges of what acts are chosen for the production. After try-outs, the students and teachers in the several departments work together to weave the numbers chosen into the theme and to produce a unified show.


To honor Ms. Niles, a “ PATRONS GUILD FOR THE ARTS” has been established under the umbrella of the Foundation for directing financial support to visual and performing arts students at Will Rogers College High School.

Doris Niles was a beloved member of the faculty for years producing decades of plays and Round-Up performances.  She is remembered fondly by thousands of alumni as being instrumental in their lives on stage and off.

For more information or to donate, contact Ms. Karen Miller, Choral Director at milleka@tulsaschools.org