Archie Goodwin

Class of 1955
Inducted in 2015

Archie Goodwin_2

Often referred to as the Undisputed King of Comic Books, Archie Goodwin was an American comic book writer, editor, and artist. He worked on a number of comic strips in addition to comic books, and is best known for his Warren and Marvel Comics work. For Warren he was chief writer and editor of landmark horror anthology titles Creepy and Eerie, and for Marvel he set up the creator-owned Epic Comics as well as adapting Star Wars into both comics and newspaper strips. He is regularly cited as the “best-loved comic book editor, ever.”

His books are well-known in the world of comic books, including Batman: Night Cries, Manhunter, Classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back; Blazing Combat; Wolverine/Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection; Alien; Star Wars Omnibus: Episodes I-VI: The Complete Saga; Star Wars: A Long Time Ago Volume 3: Resurrection of Evil; The Rebel Storm (Classic Star Wars, #2); and Essential Iron Man, Vol. 3.